Vocational Training Center for Women and Girls

I CHANGE HER LIFE proudly announces the inauguration of state-of-art vocational training center for females. Based in Mardan, the centre is equipped with latest embroidery and sewing machines and can accommodate up to groups of 300 plus women. The centre reflects stupendous progress in the field of gender development in Pakistan. The Center hopes to cater to women and girls residing in nearby villages and will focus on training, mobilization and capacity building of underprivileged women.


Celebrating Christmas In Pakistan

I Change Her Life organized a great Christmas event to show solidarity with the Christian community in Pakistan. The team members joined local Christian community to sing hymns at St. Mary’s & St. Joseph’s church. 

A Christmas party was organized for disadvantaged children. The team members distributed candy and gifts among community members. I Change Her Life has been successfully organizing events to send a message of #Peace and #Tolerance for minorities residing in Pakistan.

We are creating hope in a cynical world!img_8634posterimg_8633fullsizerender

Christmas Spirit! Celebrating Christmas in Pakistan

I CHANGE HER LIFE is spreading the message of #peace and #tolerance for the #Christian community in #Pakistan! Join us to celebrate the spirit of #Christmas. We will be singing hymns at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Lahore, Church of Pakistan and St. Joseph’s Church, Lahore. Our team members will distribute toys and sweets at the end of ceremony. Date: 24, dec 2016. Time: 8.30 – 11.30 pm. Student volunteers can contact us : info@ichangeherlife.com . For donations : please contact us via Facebook.poster-jpg

Training Vulnerable Women To Overcome Economic Hardship

www.ichangeherlife.comIn Pakistan, the Gender Development Index stand at 147 which is amongst the lowest in the world. Women and girls living in rural areas do not have access to quality education and average age of marriage for females is 15 years. The socio-economic ethos of the society render them vulnerable and target of atrocities such as honor killings, marital rape and child marriages. We provide skill based training programs that focus on capacity building and mobilization of women and girls, thus creating opportunities for underprivileged females to lead fulfilling, happy lives. Most of our trainees live below World Bank poverty index of $2.4 per day. The extra income provides financial support that most women need to send their children to school or break free from abusive environments.2-png


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Social Business Enterprise. The organization has two distinct divisions:



The non-profit unit deals with mobilization and capacity building of women and girls living in *underprivileged communities. *(World Poverty Index describes underprivileged as persons living under $2/per day). The non-profit enterprise receives donations from donors to conduct well-executed skill-based training programs based on 5 different modules:

  • Embroidery/ stitching
  • Computer training
  • Carpentry
  • Management training
  • Agriculture/ culinary training

The training program is divided into three parts and lasts for 5 to 6 weeks. At the end of training program, each woman is awarded a certificate of completion and a complementary tool kit.

I Change Her Life closely monitors all aspects of workshops and collects data before and after workshops to measure social impact for research purposes.

Workshop Schedule


The training consists of 2-day induction program conducted by Founder Dr. Ambreen Zaman Riaz. Induction program covers civic and social responsibilities, hygiene, and healthcare and uses NeuroLinguistic programming AND LIFE COACH TRAINING to create long-term behavioral modifications.


Followed by 4 to 5 weeks of training in groups of 5 to 10 women focused on module of their choice.


Women receive certificates and encouraged to start their own businesses with micro loans or join I Change Her Life sister company ICHL-Studio for relevant work. Most women become activists in their respective communities and help to spread the positive vibe


Data collection is an important part of our non-profit work. Data helps us to understand the needs of communities we are serving and helps us to modify our training programs to suit the needs of women and create greater social impact. We have currently started using PROGRESS OUT OF POVERTY INDEX (PPI) tools and international metrics to measure poverty and create better solutions.