Women fighting against poverty!

Perveen met ‘I Change Her Life’ Case studies community development officers and field specialists during a workshop conducted near her village. She was intrigued and wanted to know more about what ICHL had to offer. She convinced her friend to attend the skill-development workshop and ended up being a part of ICHL project.BIO_4



Parveen is a skilled, hard-working 38-year-old single woman. She has sacrificed her happiness for her family. She is an orphan and after her father’s death, she started supporting her family financially. She is their only breadwinner. She shouldered the responsibility of looking after her entire clan. Hence, her life took a backseat.



Parveen wants to establish a vocational center, but currently, she is facing a major hurdle. She is living in a 2 bedroom house one of which is occupied by her elder brother and his family. She cannot utilize her house as a center.

She wants to earn money as well as train other girls on embroidery and stitching on low payments especially for those who cannot afford high dues.


She is skilled in stitching and hand embroidery. She does embroidery and stitching on low payments but struggles a lot for supporting her family.

ICHL is supporting her by providing sufficient cash for work. She is very happy as she considers ICHL as a source of encouragement and a hope for her.