In villages across South Asia, including Pakistan, little girls, as young as seven are sold off to men much older than themselves. Sometimes, the females are married off to ‘grooms’ old enough to be their grandfathers!

Recent case studies by revealed that the most common reason for forced early marriages is poverty. The lack of money and resources is cited as the most common factor in casting- off young girls in the name of marriage.

I Change Her Life is creating awareness that true marriage is between two consenting adults who love and care about each other. The workshops conducted by I Change Her Life help young women to understand that they have a choice to change their future. The skill- based training program equips girls with skillset according to their proclivity towards a certain profession. The girls can choose from five basic categories: Embroidery/ Stitching, Carpentry, Beautician courses, management training and IT.

What truly matters, is not how many resources are available but how we can help girls to change their mindsets and feel empowered!



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